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I love this game, but I don't think it is worth buying as it is no longer being updated. It is still easily 5 stars, please make this free!


This is the only game that's really given the feeling of stepping into an alien environment, I hope and wish it gets developed further despite all the things that have happened

oogoRRY OVe


This game definitely gave me a phobia back when it was free. I fell into a fractal that had tendrils going everywhere and it freaked me tf out and now I cant look at weird tendril things without shuddering

This game is incredible! i remember getting this when it was free, and loving it. i spent a month searching for it after a year later, and im glad to see the developer can now get support for this, and that there is content and more coming to this game! and it is in early access! excited to buy it when i can!

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How do you find new/different ships? my radio receiver isn't picking anything up in most fractals.

No way for now. You can cheat by enabling dev mode in options and pressing F3.

I figured that out eventually, thanks anyway! Very fun game!

ERROR: Formula "MZON" compiled with error code 1 and output:

i had a space in the directory ):

hey hey,

The Linux version seems to have the windows launch file / path associated (ydg.exe).

Hopefully is an easy fix. =)


Hi, thank you for reporting. You are using itch-app,  I assume. I just uploaded a hotfix. Please reinstall the game.

awesome. works great now. thx for the super quick fix! <3

I have a question for the developer. I'm using SDL for a game here, and I can't initialize the audio, I get "WASAPI can't initialize audio client" when my game is launched under the itchio client (I didn't know that existed until a day ago.) Can you shed any light on it, kind sir? Any help would be appreciated.

Had no audio related issues with itch app, sorry.🤷‍♀️


I think this game awoke a phobia in me



Fantastic. Like nothing I've ever experienced. Pay for this.

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This is the second time I've bought the game because I love it so much. I really hope you continue to work on it. Thank you for making this!

Edit: Also, I suggest that you make sure that new players are aware of the developer mode features, since that where a lot of the extra fun is.

Thank you!

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i bought the game on march 31st, does it still count as to getting updated versions? (pls)

heres some proof:

You are good.

thank you!

it wont start for me, I press start and it starts booting it up but then it just stops

Please send me log files at

they are located at C:/Users/<USERNAME>/AppData/Roaming/ydg/logs

what? I'm sorry i don't think i understand. (im feeling very stupid today)

Press windows start menu butto, type in %appdata% and press enter. Find "ydg" folder and "logs" folder inside it.  Is there files in it?

Also, are you using Itch app? If so, press right mouse button on Launch button, then "open folder in explorer". Then try running ydg.exe.

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This game is incredible! Exactly what I would imagine an explorable fractal world to be, it feels like being in Benoït Mandelbrot's dreams... ;) The atmosphere is incredible, mysterious and unique, and it looks just so beautiful. Fantastic work Gregory! I look forward to future updates.

Thank you very much!

This game looks super cool, but i've got some annoying bugs : there is no collision with the fractals, the character slips, and the boat does not rotate. Do you have an idea how to solve these problems?

This may happen if game's directory path contains special characters or non-english letters. Please check if that's the case and move/rename folders if needed.

If that doesn't help, please send me log files at

they are located at C:/Users/<USERNAME>/AppData/Roaming/ydg/logs


Hello sir, i did a little gameplay video of this i have to say on gtx 970 runs smooth as butter.
The way this landscape works is suprisingly interesting, the models need a lot more artistic approach but overall if any more updates arise, keep me posted.

Nice, very interesting expirience. I think you can turn it in to a complete game with some kind of plot and quests!

OOOh I love this! It's so beautiful but at the same time... creepy?
That way it rebuilds itself is way too organic to not suggest some weirdness eheheh (also, is that blood stains on the teleports?)
Some lurking stuff and codex entries would add some nice depth :D

A suggestion if I may; that'd be cool to use LMB & RMB both as triggers, so we can use the flares and the hole gun / pick axe without having to switch too much

btw I managed to crash it while digging here and there, got the crashdump just tell me if you want it.

I gonna keep a close eye on that project!

Thank you.

Please send them to or troubleshooting channel at discord. Make sure to attach log file too.

man, this game is sooo good! i feel like there should be more build options like rotating, lights, beds, and a lot of other stuff added to the build tool! 10/10 would definitely recommend! 

Thank you! There will, stay tuned.

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Impressive work, but there's no collision at all with fractal ground: if I slide off the platforms I keep falling forever.

The game is installed under: D:/Games/YedomaGlobula

Also...why do we have to slide? Walking like in normal FPS would feel much better...

Sliding is also a result of no collision bug.
please send me log files at

they are located at C:/Users/<USERNAME>/AppData/Roaming/ydg/logs

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Done. Thank you for the prompt reply.

Also, please try starting a new game if you played previously, as last update beaks the save data.

Hey, came back to this after a few months, gorgeous as ever, but I have a new issue. The character falls through ALL terrain, no matter what, I cannot stand on anything except the platforms/boat . It's cool in a way because I'm sinking deeper into the worlds than I could otherwise get to. But it prevents any exploration on foot. 

Hi thank you. This might be the problem with non-english or special characters in game directory path. Please try copying it to another location.

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hi, the "F" key doesnt work, using it on a teleport button does nothing, clicking "F" in front of the "map" button shows the map only for a moment before closing it. Also I don't know if that's intentional, but im sliding alot more on the ships and platforms.

Hi, that's an odd one. Can you specify your hardware and system specs, also what does fps number in the top left says?

So I have RTX 2080, cpu Ryzan 7 3700X, fps 144 (although when i lowered it, it still happend)

I'm using windows 10, updated ofc

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please send me log files at

they are located at C:/Users/Jbustter/AppData/Roaming/ydg/logs



I'm trying to play and it's bringing me into  the editor? How do I fix this?


Hi, you are using itch launcher? Seems like it picks wrong executable. Thank you for notifying, I will look into it.

For now you can open the game folder and launch ydg.exe.


fixed. You may need to redownload the game.


So it's basically Subnautica... but underground?

This is wild and so cool! I wish I could explore it more, my character freaked out and was sort of getting launched around the map and constantly shaking. It looks like there's a lot to explore though, impressed with how many tools you have implemented.

Hi, thank you. May I ask you what GPU you have and what number FPS meter shows on top left.

One word. Amazing.


The atmosphere of this game is sublime. I can only think of a couple other games that make you feel so small; as if you're exploring something beyond your comprehension (always looking for more games like that if anyone has recommendations ^^).

I don't know if the dev is still interested in improving this or if they're mostly done with it after procjam, but I really really hope it gets some more attention or a sequel of sorts. I'm sure dev is busy with other things too but this is too special to forget about imo.

Some of the complaints from months ago are still applicable today but overall, glad I stumbled upon this (thanks, Vinny!)


Hi, thank you very much. I still work on Yedoma Globula as much as I can. Researching and building better tech. Please stay tuned.


Glad to hear. Thanks for the reply, keep up the good work :)


Thank you for making the best game ever! Yedoma Globula has perfectly fulfilled a fantasy I'd held onto for 30 years or so. 

It's just jawdropping to me -- both the existence of this world that you've allowed me to explore, and the fact that a little-bitty laptop can handle it no problem.


This is incredibly awesome tech! It's like exploring massive magical caverns in some alternate reality! Keep going with this project, it's so cool!


Жесть. У меня очень некомфортное было чувство. Чего-то крайне чужеродного. Эффект очень интересный.

really good game though

how about mining and constructing features?


Crazy stuff. Unfortunately I got motion sick within about 3 min and still feel it's effect. I think it was a long fall I had + darkness and not really understanding my orientation. 

I feel like this could be a game entirely based on exploration, but maybe give the player better options to move around. Jetpack? Or just let them fly like a plane.

It could also be a simple "reach the goal" where you have to traverse the crazy terrain, focusing on fastest traversal with global high scores.

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This game/experience is incredible. You've made something that makes me feel things no other game has before. It's utterly unique. I'd love to see it expanded upon. It could easily be a horror game, but I think part of what makes it feel so unique is the focus on exploration. It freaks me out enough just wandering around and getting lost.

I think some kind of grappling hook would be great, and a quick save or location bookmark system. Being able to place lights and other structures could be cool. But overall, I have no complaints. It's already one of the most interesting experiences I've had in a game (if you can call it that yet). My only hope is more stuff to be added because the tools in the game already make me think of lots of opportunities.

I don't understand how you'd even make something like this, it's astounding to me.


I really want to see this game get somewhere. It has a lot of potential. But I've got a few nitpicks:

1. Why does the boat control like a car? It often bugs be that I will try and turn around and then I realize that I can only do that if I am moving forward or back. Other than that, I think the boat actually feels really nice, because it feels like it has a lot of weight.

2. The game really needs a controls menu. The mouse sensitivity was slightly higher than I feel comfortable with, and I usually swap right click and space for comfort. Not having those settings severely dampened the experience

3. I noticed really obvious pixelation around certain objects (especially around small fractal-generated terrain). Because I don't know how the tech behind the fractals really works I can't really be the one to say that it must be fixed, but if it has a huge performance impact to not have that then perhaps you could make it a setting to get rid of it (say, for future PC's).

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I am downloading this now ... I'm very excited!


This is so mind blowing. I enjoy watching those videos of fractal zooms, and of course an explorable 3D space is a natural extension of that idea... you are a wizard to figure this out. It's a dream come true and the thought of developing with it is even better than the idea of playing a game with it. I think your notion of fractal space being dangerous to explore, and having that be the focus of your gameplay, is really good. Just adding some scary monsters would be so cheap... the most dangerous thing in the ocean isn't the sharks, it's the water. The vacuum of space itself is more deadly than any alien and the FEELING in this game is so scary and sublime already! How would fractal reality compare to other frontiers like space or the deep ocean? There is so much to work with! Definitely seems suited to multiple modes of engagement. I enjoyed both flying through space on the boat and agonizingly crawling up a mountain. But my favorite was finding a big gap, jumping into it, and leaving the game on as I fell. I landed in about 20 minutes on some kind of fractal junction. Just magical. 


I love this so much. this would be an incredible spooky game.

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