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E X P L O R E   3 D   F R A C T A L S

Yedoma Globula is a game prototype where you can explore 3d fractals by walking, jumping and jetpacking around. No actual gameplay yet. Just several empty levels you can check out in 5-10 minutes.

Featuring multi-resolution ray-marching fractal rendering algorithm. Standard polygonal geometry can exist along with ray-marched one. GPU based collision detection for physics objects to interact with fractals.  Deferred lighting allows large amount of light sources. 

Game is GPU heavy. Try launching it at lower resolution, if it runs too slow.

Powered by Urho3D engine.

F O L L O W    M E   O N   T W I T T E R


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Totally awesome worlds to explore.
Although there's hardly any gameplay, it's more than just a fractal browser.
I love shooting flares and let them reveal the intricate structures.
Jetpack jumping through Ossium is super thrilling.
I have one huge wish: please, please, please let me explore these worlds in VR. Experiencing them in immersive stereoscopic 3D would be such an incredible trip. Exploring 3D fractals was the thing that pushed me over the edge to back the oculus kickstarter.
On my gfx1060 I'm getting 150 fps, so there's performance headroom that might allow for VR. 
Btw, I am seeing tearing, can I enable vsync somewhere ?
Also, the mouselook is a bit sensitive for my taste.

Keep up the good work, I love what you've done with the place !

Thank you very much!

Vsync is enabled with -v launch parameter.
Unfortunately I can't promise VR support in any foreseeable future. It is not in my scope, and I already made some technical decisions, that will probably make it even harder to implement.

Check out Sheltron's Rta:


Or try getting access to CoralVR (I hope, it is still alive)


I had a look at VR support for Urho3D and it's pretty experimental.
So I understand completely that it is not on your roadmap.

What a coincidence, I discovered RTA just this weekend !
It's awesome, open source, and made in Unity (which I use daily).
Just the thing to scratch my VR-fractal exploration itch :D

Didn't know there was beta access for Coral, going to check if it's still alive.