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E X P L O R E   3 D   F R A C T A L S

Yedoma Globula is a sandbox game where you explore vast procedural fractal landscapes.  Currently there are no goals and not much stuff in terms of gameplay. You can wander around on foot or in vehicle and discover some derelict ancent placeholder models.

Perfomance and system reqierments:

Game is GPU heavy, dedicated graphics card is highly recomended. Even old one is better than most integrated ones. GTX 960 or 1050 will run it at 40-60 fps at FullHD.  550 ti will pull it at half resolution. Perfomance highly dependent on resolution 4k is much slower, lower resolution is significantly faster.

Tech and engine:

I use customized Urho3D engine,

Here is a devlog article about my technical and artistic decisions.

If you speak russian, you can check мой доклад  на ДевГамме.

What about Linux and Mac?

Game uses OpenGl, and it runs under wine very well. I consider adding native support later, but for now I want to focus on one platform.


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This is so utterly incredible, it's both terrifying and beautiful. Seriously, if this gets turned into a fully fleshed-out ambient exploration game I would buy it so fast, I love this thing!!!!!! It's just a demo yet I felt like I was exploring an alien world and the sense of discovery was incredible, it would be so cool if there was more to find. Good luck on your development future!!!

Thank you!

Windows sees the software as dangerous, and when I run it Sandboxed, it freaks out and I keep spinning in circles.

Yes my account is four minutes old, I made one so I could ask about this.

Hi. Do you see regular dialog, that Windows shows on any executable downloaded from internet, or something extra? Spinning in circles can mean, that game lost the input. Don't know why it might happen is sandbox mode.


le vinesauce army is here


I picked this up because I have always been fascinated with fractals going back to the original DOS version of fractint.  I look forward to updates and I love the boat. Glad to donate to your project.


Thank you!

very welcome





Nice. Thank you.

No, Thank you. You're the best. If you develop more projects like this please keep me posted. I'd truly appreciate it.


love the game. nothing else needs to be said. although i was questioning something. i saw through the dimension xray thingy a static sphere. maybe it was something?

Black sphere in the center of x-ray is your position. All other spheres should be terrain features. Later I will add resource searching to this thing.

Is there any plans on a macos/linux version?


Yes, but on much later stage. For now I want to focus on one platform to make things easier.

For now you should try it with wine. It uses OpenGl, and it runs under wine very well.



Holy moly this is so cool! The boat is such an incredible touch; I can see myself coming back here often. I feel like, if you were to take this in a more traditional game-y direction at some point, a "delivery quest/maintenance" game could work well here. Circumnavigating between these different worlds, finding where the good spots to teleport are, getting routes down and trying to find new delivery/quest spots, etc. 

I've been following radio signals for an hour and just now found one of those white floating pyramids that made the fractal warp pretty dramatically for a while, and now I'm determined to find... more

I'm not sure how to describe this: I'm having a hilarious problem where, whenever I start capturing the game via OBS to stream, suddenly everything loses all collision and I fall straight down forever. I've tried it multiple times, and it's always the Instant that the Game Capture grabs the game that I start falling. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm actually streaming, but it works just fine with the Monitor Capture tool! I just figured you should know, I'm pretty curious as to what's making that happen

Thank you. I'm pretty sure my hacky GPU physics gets somehow broken by OBS. You can try different screen mode or capture settings.

That would be interesting to investigate, but I never had this problem capturing all my vids with OBS.

For a while I tried to consider the logistics of recording my session and OBS with a third program to show it in action and how I could maybe get you logs of it happening, but then my brain exploded???

You mentioning GPU physics gave me an idea: I switched from the NVENC (GPU-based) OBS encoder to a CPU-based x264 encoder... but the same thing happened, so that theory's out the window. However, I did find out that non-fractal structures (at least the boat) are immune to this collision issue.

Really, like I said, it doesn't matter - display capture works just fine and I really, Really dig this game and can't wait to see how it develops and your future projects. If the problem fixed itself without restarting the game I'd have an unconventional little noclip cheat on my hands!!!


Totally awesome worlds to explore.
Although there's hardly any gameplay, it's more than just a fractal browser.
I love shooting flares and let them reveal the intricate structures.
Jetpack jumping through Ossium is super thrilling.
I have one huge wish: please, please, please let me explore these worlds in VR. Experiencing them in immersive stereoscopic 3D would be such an incredible trip. Exploring 3D fractals was the thing that pushed me over the edge to back the oculus kickstarter.
On my gfx1060 I'm getting 150 fps, so there's performance headroom that might allow for VR. 
Btw, I am seeing tearing, can I enable vsync somewhere ?
Also, the mouselook is a bit sensitive for my taste.

Keep up the good work, I love what you've done with the place !

Thank you very much!

Vsync is enabled with -v launch parameter.
Unfortunately I can't promise VR support in any foreseeable future. It is not in my scope, and I already made some technical decisions, that will probably make it even harder to implement.

Check out Sheltron's Rta:


Or try getting access to CoralVR (I hope, it is still alive)


I had a look at VR support for Urho3D and it's pretty experimental.
So I understand completely that it is not on your roadmap.

What a coincidence, I discovered RTA just this weekend !
It's awesome, open source, and made in Unity (which I use daily).
Just the thing to scratch my VR-fractal exploration itch :D

Didn't know there was beta access for Coral, going to check if it's still alive.