First gameplay prototype.

New features:

  • Physics
  • Character controller
  • Fractal texturing
  • Different worlds and portals between them

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Nov 11, 2017

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Love new maps, but i didn't spent more than 10 minutes in the demo this time.

Some annoying issues:

  • Blinding light from gun fire (light balance is better in starting location)
  • Blinding light from burning ass (i.e. jetpack, is better in starting location)
  • Character controller is not ideal, it's good that we have gravity this time, but I want to have ability to get out of deep canyons.
  • Sometimes I have some sort of a rendering glitch (video)

Hi, thank you very much for feedback. Yeah, falling into small holes sucks. I should experiment with other means of traversing terrain, like grappling hook, ice axe or different jet-pack mechanics.

For now you can press f5 and fly around like in old demo.

That graphic glitch may stay for a while until i figure out how to better deal with it.